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Manufacturing Capabilities
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"You have achieved 100% which is the optimum outcome. Thank you for your continued excellent service."
Purchasing Assistant - Manufacturer of Automotive Components

"CCS has some very strong points. Their MIS ensures excellent control and tracking of product and orders. The flat structure means expediting is simple and accurate. And also their performance to date reflects this, with excellent delivery and quality."
Operations Director - Security Industry

"CCS´ knowledge and experience gives me confidence that we will work together on future projects throughout Europe."
Procurement Manager - Switchgear manufacturer, Europe

CCS UL Wiring Harnesses and UL Cable Harnesses

UL Wiring Harnesses Traceability Program


CCS Electronics manufactures wiring harnesses according to the UL Wiring Harnesses Traceability Program, upon request.

UL's wiring harnesses traceability program creates value for the end-product manufacturer, by providing traceability for the wire and other components used to construct a wiring harness that is assembled at an off-site location, and intended for use as factory installed components at an end-product manufacturing facility.

UL verifies that the wiring harness meets the specifications put forth by the buyer of the harness and subsequent consignments will be labelled accordingly.