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Investment into next Generation Technologies


CCS is pleased to announce that as part of Alpha 3 Manufacturing’s planned program of investment to increase capacity and capability, CCS Electronics have just taken delivery of a brand new Wirmec AM310 Quattro machine.

The AM310 quattro Cut Strip and Terminate Machine is the ultimate expression of technology combined with Italian design. The new machine is capable of accurately processing very small single core wire cross section 11-26 AWG (4-0.13 mm2) its modular design can also be equipped with up to four processing stations allowing it to be optimised based upon customer’s requirements. During machine trials CCS have successfully and repeatedly processed 28 AWG PTFE insulated wire.

The Wirmec AM310 Quattro machine’s features consist of:

• Modular design allows future upgrades
• Simple and easy to use Software interface
• Extensive libraries with predefined cable types, processes and operations allow quick wire selection, quick tool change ensuring excellent productivity
• Processes are constantly checked against specified values during production with functions that monitor crimp force, end of wire supply and length.

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