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Cable Accuracy and Reliability is Key for Instrumentation


Is there another industry as diverse as instrumentation?

“Measurement is a critical part of today’s technology, ranging from a simple hand held device to instruments exploring dust clouds in outer space”, explains Steve Clarke, Product Manager at CCS Electronics. “Sophisticated instrumentation that is reliable and accurate is critical to data analysis in any industry, including medical diagnosis.

“Such dependency rests on the capability and quality of internal cable assemblies for any measurement device. Having supplied cable assemblies into the instrumentation market for over 30 years, CCS Electronics have tried and tested cable solutions to get the best results for clients every time, helping them lead the market in their industry.”

Products range from simple, but critical wires, as small as 30 AWG with finite tolerances through to custom cable assemblies requiring over moulded connectors for medical applications. Full product traceability is obtained using CCS Electronics’ UL accreditation for cable harness production.

A 100% inspection policy is also operated on terminated cable assemblies regardless of complexity, ensuring reliability when our customers take receipt.

Whether the requirement is a gas analyser for industrial processes or water activity and pressure meters for environmental monitoring, we can meet the project requirements to ensure your readings are precise and consistent.

CCS Electronics is a UK based sub-contract manufacturer, specialising in the production of cable harnesses, box build and electromechanical assemblies. In addition to manufacturing expertise, CCS Electronics can offer a range of services to make your business as cost effective as possible, including KANBAN, component sourcing, stock management, a range of testing capabilities and more.

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