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Manufacturing Capabilities
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"You have achieved 100% which is the optimum outcome. Thank you for your continued excellent service."
Purchasing Assistant - Manufacturer of Automotive Components

"CCS has some very strong points. Their MIS ensures excellent control and tracking of product and orders. The flat structure means expediting is simple and accurate. And also their performance to date reflects this, with excellent delivery and quality."
Operations Director - Security Industry

"CCS´ knowledge and experience gives me confidence that we will work together on future projects throughout Europe."
Procurement Manager - Switchgear manufacturer, Europe

CCS Electronics Wiring Harness

Bespoke Wiring Harnesses for Electronic Displays


The manufacture of electronic displays demands quality wiring harnesses and components to ensure efficient operation of millions of display products that are relied upon every day.

Products can range from digital advertising displays that require a strong visual appearance to medical monitors which must be reliable, or robust outdoor signage presenting transport information. All display products have different requirements to meet quality, practicality and efficiency criteria as outlined by the businesses that will use them.

CCS Electronics has a skilled workforce with the capability to produce bespoke wiring harnesses according to customer requirements. The style of cables manufactured for the display equipment market, range from simple coaxial wires through to multi branch wiring looms. Ribbon cable assemblies or woven cables are also available. As with all products manufactured by CCS Electronics, a full 100% test procedure applies. For display equipment requiring UL certification, we are able to support this with a full UL manufacturing approval.

By utilising the Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd group of companies, additional products and services can be designed into the scope of supply, including EMC filters and custom aluminium enclosures.

CCS Electronics will work to your specifications with accuracy for any application whether for outdoor transport signage to interactive information kiosks, point of sale displays, medical monitors, industrial displays and more.


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