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100% Quality Cable Testing at CCS


All CCS customers can benefit from 100% quality testing on their cable assemblies, enabling the product ready for immediate fixture once it leaves the factory.

Using a customised testing system set up by CCS engineers, businesses can take advantage of full cable testing to save time and money before the product is installed on site.

Neil Wakefield, at CCS said: “We were able to customise the entire testing process and tailor it to the needs of our customers. This ensures that a 100% fully functioning product will be leaving the factory, preventing customers from having to undertake further extensive and costly inspections.

"It has proved to be a popular system as we have since purchased two extra machines to manage the testing process for all of our customers. We also invested in printers which issues a label for attachment to each assembly that has passed the assessment, offering proof and aiding traceability. Plus, our customers often have testing requirements of their own and with this kit we can meet these needs.”

CCS can check for point to point continuity, short circuits, Hipot Range 50-1500vdc and Insulation Resistance Range 5Mohms to 1.5Gohms. Plus, components such as diodes, resistors and capacitors within a cable assembly are checked to ensure they are wired accurately.

CCS specialises in the manufacture of cable assemblies with experience across a vast range of industries. Products can be manufactured to meet IPC/WHMA-A-620B standard and to meet individual requirements.

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