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Investment in the rail network has been outlined as a stepping-stone to future economic growth. Climate change and rising congestion on our roads are just two of the challenges that will place increasing demand on rail.

Therefore, numerous projects are in the pipeline across the UK with the objective to see greater rail connectivity, efficiency and service in the coming years.

CCS can support such projects by providing a range of electronic solutions for applications including trackside power, LED lighting signals, passenger displays, control cabinets, sensors, brake systems, train door systems and more.

- Ruggedized Cable Assemblies
- Interconnection Solutions
- Power Cables
- Kitting and Procurement

Enclosures and Enclosure Assemblies

Our sister company, Deltron Enclosures, manufactures a range of weatherproof and corrosion resistant enclosures, ideal for fuel tanks, sand hoppers, trackside communications, lighting, signalling and other critical components.

The enclosures can then be populated with electronic components, PCB’s and associated cable assemblies as a finished, fully tested enclosure assembly, ready for installation.

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