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Manufacturing Capabilities
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"You have achieved 100% which is the optimum outcome. Thank you for your continued excellent service."
Purchasing Assistant - Manufacturer of Automotive Components

"CCS has some very strong points. Their MIS ensures excellent control and tracking of product and orders. The flat structure means expediting is simple and accurate. And also their performance to date reflects this, with excellent delivery and quality."
Operations Director - Security Industry

"CCS´ knowledge and experience gives me confidence that we will work together on future projects throughout Europe."
Procurement Manager - Switchgear manufacturer, Europe

Cable Assemblies manufactured by CCS Electronics

Cable Assemblies

We provide a wide range of services from simple cable assemblies used in fine electronics applications, to more complex cable assemblies for medium voltage applications such as switchgear harnesses.

These services are provided for all small, medium and high volume requirements. Our expertise further extends to electromechanical assemblies and full box build and panel build.


CCS Electronics manufactures wiring harnesses according to the UL Wiring Harnesses Traceability Program, upon request

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Wiring Harness Traceability


Our expertise in Cable Assemblies manufacturing includes:

Cable preparation

Using our automatic and semi-automatic machines, we can cut and strip a diverse range of wire and cable; single and multi-core, braided and sleeved

Crimp, connector and solder assemblies

A wide range of termination options using both standard and bespoke connectors

Ribbon assemblies

Including IDC and IDT types

Co-axial assemblies

Including BNC, MCX, SMA/B/C and TNC

Complex wiring harnesses and looms for heavy industrial applications

Utilising our extensive range of equipment we are able to terminate most manufacturers’ products


Overmoulded cable assemblies

CCS Electronics also manufacture custom moulded cable assemblies and overmoulded cable assemblies.

Moulded and overmoulded cable assemblies provide extra protection and strain relief to cables ensuring that the interface between the cable and connector are fully protected.


Our experienced product development engineers work with our customers on the development of new products, offering specific suggestions relating to cable and connector selection, layout and manufacturing techniques, as well as material considerations. In addition CCS Electronics can offer advice for evaluating and redesigning existing cable assemblies to reduce production costs and improve performance.


All CCS Electronics products are 100% tested.

Our quality systems are designed to provide complete customer satisfaction.

CCS Electronics is an ISO9001:2008 registered Company.