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"You have achieved 100% which is the optimum outcome. Thank you for your continued excellent service."
Purchasing Assistant - Manufacturer of Automotive Components

"CCS has some very strong points. Their MIS ensures excellent control and tracking of product and orders. The flat structure means expediting is simple and accurate. And also their performance to date reflects this, with excellent delivery and quality."
Operations Director - Security Industry

"CCS´ knowledge and experience gives me confidence that we will work together on future projects throughout Europe."
Procurement Manager - Switchgear manufacturer, Europe

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Formed in 1982 and now a member of the Alpha 3 Manufacturing Limited, the company operates from a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Cheshire, UK.

CCS Electronics is able to offer clients experience and expertise drawn from a wide range of industries including industrial, medical, military, and test and measurement.

In addition to our manufacturing expertise CCS are able to offer a complete range of services designed to make your business as cost effective and flexible as possible. 

Services include:

• Kan-Ban
• Replenishment Stocking Services
• Customer Stock Management
• Consignment Stock
• Buffer Stock

CCS Electronics is part of Alpha 3 Manufacturing Limited.  Alpha 3 Manufacturing was launched in January 2007 bringing together 3 manufacturing organisations: CCS Electronics, CTL Manufacturing and DEM Manufacturing.  These three organisations now benefit from having integrated business systems and central management support enabling them to operate more cost effectively, with more flexibility and to provide a wider scope of services. 

About Us

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We are committed to ensuring that everything we do is of the highest standard. Our quality systems are designed to provide complete customer satisfaction. ...more

CCS Electronics Plant Equipment List

Plant and Machinery
Our extensive plant and machinery list demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with consistently high quality products and services. ...more

CCS Electronics Test Equipment List

Test Equipment List
Our extensive test equipment list confirms our assurance in providing our customers with consistently high quality products and services. ...more